organic premium ice tea

Peach Vanilla White Tea

A blend of the immensely sweet notes of peach and vanilla that is sure to leave you wanting more, this one of a kind drink is made with white tea and loaded with immense benefits!

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Lemon Ginger Green Tea

Loaded with lemon, ginger, and pure green tea herbs, no other drink can beat the heat like this refreshing brew of all-natural ingredients!

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Red Fruits-Mint Rooibos Tea

Offering a unique burst of fruity and minty flavor, along with the amazing benefits of Rooibos that is 100% free from theine, your taste buds definitely need to try this delicious tea!

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Apple Cinnamon Oolong Tea

Craving something sweet and slightly tangy? Made with Oolong tea and packed with incredible benefits, this luscious drink is all you need to keep that thirst at bay!

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Once upon a leaf…

Like all magical tales, our fable began with an intense yearning for all things delightful, pure, and natural. It began with a longing for the sweet old days when GMO foods did not dominate the market. It began with a vision to spread the message of organic wellness. The efforts to quench this thirst resulted in a Swiss cold-brewed iced tea, that is today known as Leafwell!

Over time, Leafwell has evolved from a simple idea to a lifestyle that has now become synonymous with purity, succulence, and delight.

Live Well

The journey to organic Leafwell goodness begins with taking the best fruits, tea and other organic products and immersing them in pure cold water. Then we just let it work its magic, by preserving the natural properties and flavors of the organic product. Thanks to this “cold brew” process, the bitterness and the caffeine content is also significantly reduced. To end on a sweet note, we add a tiny but delicious pinch of cane sugar!

From the robust Chinese Oolong to the minimally processed White Tea, we make use of a different kind of tea for every product, with each offering amazing health benefits!

Packed with detoxifying elements which your body will thank you for, our organic premium ice tea is:


Low Sugar

Low Calories

100% Natural


Filled With Antioxidants

Packed With Polyphenols

Made From Raw & Pure Ingredients

Produced With Love

Well done

Leafwell is based on the philosophy of life. On every step of the way, we strive to care for the environment and the global well-being.

For this very reason, we make use of environment-friendly glass bottles that can be easily recycled and upcycled.

Also, we donate a part of our revenue to charity. For each bottle that we sell, we donate to “Fundación San Pablo,” a foundation located in El Salvador. They help the distressed people in El Salvador, especially children with no parents, those with diseases, homeless people, and pregnant women.

Fundación San Pablo

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